No end to doc stir

Jaipur, Nov 11: The ongoing stir by government doctors does not seem to end anytime soon.

Even after health minister Kalicharan Saraf issued an ultimatum to resume duties by Friday evening or they will face arrest under Rajasthan Essential Services Maintenance Act, the resident doctors did not comply. There are reports that some doctors have returned to service. The police swung into action, arresting at least 12 doctors.

The doctors were in for a shock after the arrests. Many of them have gone underground. Nearly 10,000 doctors went on indefinite mass leave in support of their pending demands before the government.

Meanwhile, reports from Jodhpur say around 12 people have died in the region as the crippling stir entered fifth day today. Even though the number of patients have gone down, the queues are unending. The private hospitals are reaping the benefits of the stir in government hospitals.

Priyanka Barman, who went to the hospital for heart check -up said : “There were huge queues for an x-ray. We had to stand at least 2 hours to get ourselves checked.”

Saraf said that the government would not initiate any talks with All Rajasthan State In Service Association although they are open for talks. But the initiation has to come from the doctors themselves.

Meanwhile the Rajasthan High Court directed the health department to issue individual notices on striking doctors asking them to report for duty immediately and submit a list of striking doctors in next hearing on Nov 15. The court also directed the government implement the demands on which mutual agreement have been reached.

The division bench of Justice K S Jhaveri and Justice V K Vyas was hearing two PILS alleging that it affected the fundamental right of life of the citizens.

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