Women should grind chakki to stay fit, says Raj mag

Rajasthan education department’s official monthly magazine Shivira, has a feature in the November issue, which says that women fitness regime can come from household chores such as grinding ‘chakki (stone grinder)’, filling water pitchers or sweeping or mopping floors.
That is one does not need to head to gym to stay fit.

The advice for women is part of a feature on ‘Simple ways to stay fit’ and is aimed at school teachers. The magazine’s objective is to create awareness on general issues and educational policies.
The separate section on health ‘Swasth rehne ke saral upaay’ (Simple ways of staying fit) warns against consuming alcohol, tobacco, soft drinks and smoking.
It also recommends early morning walks, running, cycling, horse- riding, and swimming, deep breathing and not eating stomach full. While household chores were specifically recommended for women.

The ‘health’ advice aimed only at women drew flak from rights activists. Nathmal Didel, the director, secondary education, and magazine’s chief editor, however, said that while domestic activities should not have been suggested as exercise specifically for women, the writer was probably influenced by how traditional society operated.

The remarks have drawn criticism from all quarters.

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