Signature campaign against Padmavati

Jaipur, Nov 11: It seems Jaipur Princess Diya Kumari is taking the lead in opposing the release of film Padmavati amongst Rajputs and Rajasthan’s other royal families.
Today Diya Kumari initiated the ‘signature campaign’ at the entry gate of Govind Dev Ji Mandir in Jaipur. On the occasion she urged more people and organizations to join the campaign. More such campagains will be organized at the Divisional level too. She also urged the film’s director, Sanjay Leela Bhansali to sit across the table and show the movie to a forum of historians before it is released.

Rajputs are objecting to distortion of facts in the movie as Rani Padmavati is highly revered for her jauhar.

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