Padmavati effect: Chittor Fort to close on Nov 17

Jaipur, Nov 13: The mute and impressive Chittorgarh Fort has not been left untouched by the Padmavati row.

The Jauhar Sewa Sansthan (JSS) of Chittorgarh has called for a ‘qila bandh’ at Chittorgarh fort, a UNESCO world heritage site, on November 17 in protest against the scheduled release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film ‘Padmavati’, based on the 13-14th Century queen Padmavati.

Several other organizations have also extended support to the ‘qila bandh’ (closing fort). The Sansthan has set a deadline of November 16 for the Central government and director Bhansali to cancel the release of the film in the state.

The Sansthan volunteers would not allow any tourist or visitor to enter the fort on Friday. This announcement was made during a protest march held at Padanpole Gate on Sunday. Protestors also hanged an effigy of Bhansali at the historic gate.
Chittorgarh is the epitome of Rajput pride, romance and spirit. It reverberates with history of heroism and sacrifice, which is evident as it echoes with the tales sung by the Bards of Rajasthan.

The main reason for tourists visiting Chittorgarh is its massive hilltop fort, which is a depiction of Rajput culture and values. The fort of Chittor is regarded as one of the most outstanding forts of the country and is indeed the “Pride of Rajasthan State”.
The formidable fort is perched atop a 180 meter high hillock covering a massive area of 700 acres and is a standing sentinel to the courage and valour of Chittorgarh. It is believed that the fort was build by the Mauryans in 7th century and further structures were added to it by the successive Mewar rulers.
The one mile long serpentine road to the fort is quite steep and exhaustive. The fort is approached through seven huge gateways or ‘pols’, which are guarded by watch tower and massive iron spiked doors.

The Sansthan has made it clear that this was only the beginning of their protest which will soon spread across the country.

The movie is being opposed for an alleged dream sequence which shows Delhi Sultan Alauddin Khilji romancing Rani Padmavati. It is also being objected for allegedly including the popular narrative of Rajput King Raja Ratan Singh letting Khilji see his wife Padmavati.

“Even if the film begins with the disclaimer ‘that it’s a fictional film’, we will not allow the screening. The choice of characters, location and the plot are is a coincidence but a deliberate attempt by Bhansali to present the barbarian intruder, Khilji, as a hero.

Meanwhile, the Rajput Sabha headed by Giriraj Singh Lotwara has rejected the proposal of director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, saying it is only a jugglery of word where no clarification is given. Bhansali in a letter dated Nov 9 , 2017 has clarified that no romantic scenes have been shot between Allauddin Khilji and Rani Padmavati in a dream sequence.

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