Queen Padmavati statue in the offing?

Jaipur, Dec 19: Taking a break from the Padmavati controversy? Don’t. There’s more to come on Queen Padmavati from her native land, Rajasthan.

The state government has plans to keep her memories alive, not just by palliating the feelings of big voting community, the Rajputs, but by putting up her equally majestic statue in Udaipur.

This BJP government had already placed orders for Queen Padmavati’s statute even before the controversy over Bollywood film Padmavati broke out.
But with the recent spate of events, state Home Minister Gulab Chand Kataria is said to have directed sculptor Rajkumar, to finish the project at the earliest.
The nine-feet tall statue, being designed in Jaipur, would be ready in five-to-six months in which Queen Padmavati is being shown to walk towards performing the “jauhar”, or mass self-immolation.

According to Rajkumar, statues of other kings and warriors like Rana Kumbha, Rana Sanga and others were also been commissioned a year earlier. But somehow the project was not progressing as the government did not show much interest thereafter.

Perhaps with the controversy over Padmavati not auguring well for the BJP government in Rajasthan with Rajputs pretty miffed and with elections just a year ahead, the leaders thought a statue may not only bring alive the memories of this legendary queen of Chittor, but will also resurrect their future in the upcoming elections.

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