Spirituality, science must go hand in hand

Jaipur, Dec 19 : Jaipur hosted the 9th International Conference on Peace and Non-violent Action (ICPNA), which focussed on searching the paths for peace and theme of back to Vedas.

Organised by Anuvrat Vishwabharti Organisation, the main themes for the three-day event were science, spirituality and peace.
Many of the speakers focused on ways of establishing peace in the world, saying it has often brought religious gurus and scientists at loggerheads.


Dr K.P. Mishra, former Vice-Chancellor of National Gram Bharti University, Allahabad and scientist at Baba Atomic Research Centre (BARC) acknowledged the critical role of science in achieving peace. He said with inventions in science, people have started to believe and understand things in better ways. Scientific innovations have helped society to evolve new technologies, which in turn contributed in reducing crimes.

Dr Mishra further added that can’t ignore science and only preach to read Vedas for attaining peace.
He added that due to fall in the standards of education, standards of moral education is also falling amongst youth which in turn is raising the levels of intolerance and acts of violence in society.

Most speakers said spirituality and science should go hand in hand in achieving universal peace. One shouldn’t rely only on ancient religious texts and carve out philosophical perspective. Instead people should be ready to embrace latest discoveries and innovations and provide space for these new notions along with our ancient Vedic texts.

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