Rajasthan: Statue state

Jaipur, Dec 21: Rajasthan soon may be known as the statue state. With statue of Queen Padmavati already in the pipeline, the government is planning to install another 100 statues of different leaders and philanthropists from different communities and also name roads after them.

The urban development department has asked all its 191 urban local bodies, municipal corporations and councils across the state to prepare a list of prominent leaders from each community whose statue can be installed.

The government says the move is to inspire people, look up to the leaders and remember them.

The proposals would be placed in the board meeting of local bodies and thereafter they would be approved.
The cost , which is likely to be huge, is likely to be borne by urban local bodies.
However, political observers say with elections round the corner, BJP has found it a novel way to woo different communities. They say if one erects a statue of royal family member, it will definitely have an impact on their followers.

Vasundhara Raje government it seems is taking the Mayawati route, who is known to have installed umpteen statues of mentor Kashiram, herself and her symbol elephant. However, it failed to click with the vote bank.

BJP’s banking on statues may or may not translate into votes. That only time can tell.

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