Raje govt to gift smart phones to visually impaired

Jaipur, March 27 : With elections round the corner, Vasundhara Raje government is going all out to woo almost sections of the society.  

Visually impaired people in the state will soon be given smart phones with special features, enabling them to use it easily. With a total of  around 3,14,618 visually impaired people , the Social Justice department is working to provide smart phones to all of them.

The phones will be distributed under the joint assistance scheme in which department will pay Rs 10,000 per blind person while remaining Rs 2,000 will be funded by donors.

The government will buy the smart phones from Kanpur-based mini-ratna Artificial Limb Manufacturing Corporation of India, which specialise in manufacturing products for differently abled.  

The aim is to make the visually impaired connect with the mainstream. The aim is to distribute smart phones to more than 3.14 lakh blind people. The phone is likely to  Rs 12,000 of which Rs 10,000 will be borne by the government and rest will be collected from donors.

The visallu impaired would be trained  to operate the phone and features on top back will be set according to them. Its screen reader  will work in four languages including Hindi, English, Bengali and Gujarati. The calls and application will interact with the user in local language. When someone calls, the phone will tell caller’s name or number. It will also be the ringtone of the phone. When a number is dialed it will tell the user name of the person. A magnifier will  help people with poor vision as they can zoom the screen and read. They will also get help from vibrate feature.


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