Salman bail hearing judge transfered

Jaipur, April 7: Luck seems to have run out of favour for Bollywood celebrity Salman Khan. The judge, Ravindra Kumar Joshi, hearing his bail plea was transferred in a late night transfer order issued by the Rajasthan High Court registrar general.  It, however, was not immediately clear if the transfer takes immediate effect.

It may be possible that the new judge Chandra Kumar Songara, who replace Joshi, may not hear the pending case , especially the bail application.

Trial court judge Dev Kumar Khatri who had convicted Salman Khan and sentenced him to five years in jail has also reportedly been transferred. The transfers are reportedly part of routine reshuffle carried out in the beginning of April every year in Rajasthan.

Salman continues to be in Jodhpur Central jail for two nights after he was handed out a five year sentence for poaching two black bucks in year 1998 while shooting for the film Hum Saath Saath Hain.

While the actor’s counsel have petitioned for bail, the judge on Friday reserved the order for Saturday. Judge Joshi’s transfer may have jeopardized the case for Salman.

And defense counsel believes if the arguments in court are delayed, Salman would have to languish in jail for another two days with Sunday being a holiday for the courts.

Salman is, however, getting special treatment in the jail, not having to wear the dress meant for prisoners. He is also reportedly not having jail food. And autograph seekers including policemen and their families continue to surround him.

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