No clue in Ranthambhore tiger death cause


Jaipur, April 19: Two tiger cubs were found dead on Tuesday at the Ranthambhore National Park but the forest officials are yet to ascertain the cause behind it.

There are injuries on the stomach of one of the cubs, while another one has one injury mark on the left paw,. The forest department said that viscera samples will be sent to two separate forensic labs, one in Wildlife Institute of India (WII) Dehradun and another to the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad.
The two cubs are of togress T-79 and T-77 and the officials, these cubs may have been attacked by a male tiger. Hwle the dead bodies have been found in the territory of tiger T-42, who is known to be an aggressive tiger.

With the death of these two cubs, the number of tigers dead in a period of a month, has risen to four. Tiger S-11 was found dead on March 19 in Sariska National Park, perhaps due to wire trap laid by a farmer while T-28, in Ranthambhore National Park, died after it was tranquilized.

Ranthambhore had around 62 tigers in the year 2017, making it one of the highest numbers in recent times.



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