Politics at play over school fees hike

Jaipur, April 19 : It seems more of politics is at play rather than a genuine concern for regulating the fee structure in private schools and giving some relief to the parents in the state.

While at one hand, state education minister Vasudev Devnani a presser yesterday said that CBSE officials have informed that there would be no leniency in derecognizing schools’ affiliations, if the schools have gone ahead with the hike in school fees, not in accordance to the fees act of Rajasthan. But a complaint against the school needs to be registered.

However, some political observers say this veiled warning has come only after the state Congress launched an agitation called Fees Gathao, Bachpan Bachao campaign to regulate the school fees.

Apart from burning effigies, the Congress intends to protest in front of BJP ministers’ houses if the government fails to rein in the schools.

But Devnani said that the Congress is not even aware of the fees act. ”They have woken up only to get political mileage on the issue. The act has provisions wherein schools and parents can challenge the fees at three levels–district, divisional and state level.”

Even as the political parties extract their maximum mileage from the fees issue, the schools have remained unfazed and have refused to roll back the fees hike.

City’s Vidyaashram school, which has seen a hike of about 27% in fees, sees no reason to roll back the fees, although it has seen some parents protesting.

Other city schools , which have increased their fees ranging from 10 to 15% have not faced any kind of problems, mainly because there have been no complaints against the school.

Devnani, while admitting there has been only complaint against a school, and the government has taken due action, could not name the school to show the government’s firm commitment.

And parents themselves are not taking any steps to lodge complaints either. They say not only getting admission to good city schools is cumbersome, it is also one of the most difficult and taxing phases of life. So they would rather endure the fees hike than take to protest.


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