Only 15 % find Raje tenure successful, says survey

Jaipur, April 20: Only 15 per cent people in Rajasthan find the tenure of the present government a successful one, claims a periodic survey conducted by Gram Gadar, wall newspaper of an NGO, CUTS International.

The views were taken from 1866 people from all districts of Rajasthan.

While 41 per cent said the performance of the present BJP government was average, more than one-third termed the tenure as unsuccessful.

Of those who surveyed and were unhappy, said there were several reasons including high rate of inflation due to inefficient leadership to persistent corruption. A whopping 38 per cent stated that failure in almost every aspect of functioning and precarious law and order situation, are making them feel unhappy.

When asked about the choice of leadership in the state, Ashok Gehlot bagged most votes with 38 percent, followed by Sachin Pilot with 21 percent while just 15 percent preferred present Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje for another term.

At least 58 percent people said Congress would from as the next government in State while just 28 percent BJP for the next term in 2019.

Unemployment has emerged as a major issue in Rajasthan with more than half of the respondents concerned about joblessness At least 33 per cent people suggested that inefficient implementation of government policies is responsible for the higher rate of inflation.

The ambitious ‘Bhamashah Scheme’ of the present government gained satisfactory remarks by about 31 per cent and 28 percent justified ‘Public Distribution System’ providing major relief to the disadvantaged and weaker sections of the society.

On the same lines, the Centre Schemes like Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna’ Soil Health Card Scheme; Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna; Swach Bharat Mission and the overall economic reforms initiated in the recent past etc. could not earn points in terms of implementation by the state government from close to 50 per cent of respondents.

The expectation of public with the next term starting with 2019 elections include fulfilment of election manifesto promises, timely benefits from the schemes, development devoid of corruption at both Centre and State level, provision for employment generation and control on high inflation rates.

Citizens also suggest strengthening of monitoring system to check leakages and fix accountability.

The crux of the survey questionnaire:

  • What is the most crucial problem of Rajasthan?
  • Corruption         17%
  • Inflation 12%
  • Unemployment 53%
  • Law & Order 7%
  • Other 11%
  • What is the main reason for high inflation rate?
  • Corruption 29%
  • Inefficient implementation of schemes 33%

(3) Economic Slow-down 21%

(4) Black Marketing 17%

  • Are you satisfied with Bhamashah Scheme of present Government?
  • Yes 31%
  • No 32%
  • Partly satisfied 31%
  • No response 6%
  • Does Public Distribution System in the state support disadvantaged groups in Rajasthan?
  • Yes 28%
  • No 24%
  • Partly 43%
  • No response 5%
  • Do you think, present government is working in right direction?
  • Yes 13%
  • No 48%
  • Average 32%
  • No response 7%
  • Did present government fulfil its election manifesto in the state?
  • Yes 12%
  • No 71%
  • No response 17%
  • Do you think, present government implemented the flagship schemes of the national government effectively?
  • Yes 28%
  • No 49%
  • Other 11%
  • No response 12%

The above conclusions are derived on the basis of the responses received at the time of interviews with villagers.



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