Three Rajasthan villages renamed

Jaipur, August 10. With elections round the corner, the ruling BJP govt. in Rajasthan  seems to be on a name changing spree.   The  govt. has recently renamed three villages of Barmer, Jhunjhunu and Jaore district.

Miyon ka Bada of  border district of Barmer has been named as Mahesh Nagar while Ismailpur of Jhunjhunu district will bear a new name Pichanva Khurd. Similarly,  Narpada of Jalore has been named as Narpura.

These are Hindu dominated villages bearing Muslim names.

The state govt. is likely to rename some other villages as well in Ajmer, Chittorgarh and Jhunjhunu.  The proposals reportedly sent to the centre for consideration include renaming Ajmer’s Salemabaad  as Shri Nimbark Theerth and Mandfia of Chittorgarh as Shri Sanwaliaji. These are two famous pilgrim places proposed to be renamed in the name of the deities.

There are some other villages of Chittorgarh like Mohammadpura, Nawabpura and Rampur-Azampur which are likely to be changes as Medi ka Kheda, Nayi Sarthal, Sitaramji ka Kheda.

The name change process of Miyon ka Bada was initiated in 2010 through the local Panchayat, which was sent to the central home ministry through the state govt. The old name of the village was said to be Mahesh Ro Bado.


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