Cooking fun with Mommy

Jaipur, Aug 11 How about some spinach olive open sandwiches, caramelized onion on puff pastry, pina colada and orange souffle lunch, prepared by your kid? Surprised? Don’t be.

As a number of kids in Jaipur today attended a fun-filled cooking workshop with their mothers entitled ‘Mommy & Me’ today in Jaipur and learnt to cook a three-course meal.

Around 20 mothers and their children aged between 6 to 12 years participated in the workshop and learned to cook a three-course meal along with beverages from Masterchef India semifinalist Parul Khaitan. After the cooking lesson, the participants were also taught how to lay the table and basic table etiquette. The event was an initiative of Salt Food Festival in association with Gyanjee Caterers.

Some of the dishes which were taught to the participants included Spinach Olive Open Sandwich, Italian Papri Chat, Kumpir, Caramelized Onion on Puff Pastry, Pina Colada and Orange Souffle, among others.

Talking about these dishes, chef Parul said that the recipes of these dishes are fun and kids friendly. The course will enable the children to go home and prepare an entire meal from drinks to desserts with little help from their elders.

Highlighting the event, the organizer of the Salt Food Festival, Divolka Jain said that ‘Mommy & Me’ was an interactive cooking session in which parents were invited along with their children so that they can learn to cook a varied array of palatable dishes and bond over cooking. The main objective behind this pre-event is to enhance one’s relationship with their child.


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