Name change for four more villages

Jaipur, Aug 14:  Rajasthan government is set to change the names of four more villages after three Hindu-dominated villages were earlier renamed.

Government sources say the state government has proposed to change the names of 27 villages in the state, however the Centre has permitted the change of only seven names as of now.

The other four villages whose names will be changed are Mohammadpur in Chittaurgarh as Medikh Kheda, Navabpura in Chittaurgarh as Nai Sarthal, Rampura-Ajampur in Chittaurgarh as Sitaramji Kheda and Mandfiya in Chhitaurgarh as Sanwaliyaji.

The three villages whose names have already been changed are: Miyon Ka Bada in Barmer has become Mahesh Nagar, Islampur in Jhunjhunu is now Pichanva Khurd and Salemabad in Ajmer has been renamed as Shri Nimbark Teerth.

The names were changed after villagers complained that people were reluctant to marry their children due to the Muslim names.


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