Drones, thermal cameras to protect wildlife

Jaipur, Aug 16 : The Rajasthan government is installing an advanced surveillance mechanism which includes drones and thermal cameras to curb the menace of poaching and other anti-wildlife activities. These will protect its wildlife and forests, which account for over 9% of the state’s geographical area and include national parks like Ranthambore and Sariska,

This surveillance system, an initiative of the Planning and Information Technology & communication departments of the government, (DoIT&C) in association with the state’s forest department, will also extend to Kota, Pali, and other areas of the state that are rich in natural forests.

Tthe Rajasthan government has deployed a high-tech surveillance system at a cost of Rs 50 crore that enables 24-hour live monitoring of forests and protected areas through control rooms at each location, which are then centrally connected to the main control room.

As part of the deployment, thermal-sensing cameras, image capturing, and video cameras will all used through a wireless connection to conduct effective surveillance of forest areas. The thermal cameras will help in monitoring night-time activities as poaching and other anti-wildlife activities are usually conducted after dark. The surveillance system will especially concentrate on vulnerable species such as the big cats (lions, tigers, and cheetahs) in poaching-prone and other sensitive areas.



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