70 lakh voters increase from 2013 to 18: Study

Jaipur, Aug 20 : Around 70 lakh voters have increased in the five years between 2013 to 2018, according to thepolitics.in, which claims it self to be tech political start-up.

Interestingly, the study also found that at least 20 lakh voters increased in a single year from 2013 to 2014 from 4.08 crore to 4.28 crore.

In 2013, July, the number of voters were 4.08 crore and in July 2018, the number of voters stand at 4.75 crore, according the survey.

The survey says such an abnormal increase in the number of voters seems to indicate there are duplicate voters in the list.

For example in Sikar’s Danta Ramgarh Assembly constituency, house number 1312 under booth number 75 has 646 registered voters.

Similarly, Ganganagar’s Sadulshahar assembly constituency, which has the distinction of being Assembly constituency number one in Rajasthan, has at least 84 persons named Angej Kaur or Angez Singh or Angrez Singh, and with other similar details, such as the name for a father or a husband.

In all, there are 42,08,841 “probable duplicates on the parameters of same name, relative name and gender.” As many as 91,261 records with the same Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC) numbers within an assembly constituency were also found.

And 14,282 probable duplicates on the parameters of same name, relative name and gender, repeated more than 50 times within a single constituency were also found.

At 41.58 per cent or 98,849 electors, Dungarpur’s Sagwara Assembly Constituency has the highest percentage of probable duplicates. And when it comes to absolute numbers, Kapasan in Chittorgarh has the highest number of probable duplicates with 99,264 such electors, or 40.48 per cent of the assembly electorate.

In all, duplicates amount to nearly 10 per cent of the state electorate, with the total electors in the state being 4,75,04,699.

The study was conducted on the draft electoral rolls published on July 31 this year, and for which objections are invited till August 21.

Congress Party has made the study a base to complain to the Election Commission

Congress spokesperson Archana Sharma said, “We are not making an accusation but facilitating the sanitisation of the voter list through the study, since we are stake holders.”

Congress state president Sachin Pilot said that addition of so many names makes it clear that some have been wrongly added, while, on the other hand, there are many who are deprived of having their names added in the rolls.



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