Fatehpur tense after clashes

Jaipur, Aug 21: Fatehpur town in Sikar is tense after clashes between members of different communities.

Internet service clamp down has been ordered in the area. Section 144 of the CrPC has also been imposed to prevent people from gathering at the town.

A religious procession with accompanying loud music was attacked by members from another community. According to police, a group of youths, who had taken out a procession during the month of Shravan, had a confrontation with members of another community who protested against playing of loud music, leading to a violent confrontation. Three youths were injured in the scuffle

“Some youths were taking out a procession through the Luharon Ka Mohalla on Churu Road in Fatehpur. They got into a verbal argument with members of another community near a religious place. Three youths sustained minor injuries in the scuffle,” said a senior police officer.

One group demanded the arrests of assailants who had allegedly attacked the procession. Right-wing Hindu outfits also called for a bandh at the market in Fatehpur town.



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