CBSE for new Board pattern in 2020

Jaipur, Aug 23 : Students, especially those appearing for Board exams in 2020, will be in for another surprise as CBSE gets set to cahnge pattern yet again.

According to newspaper report, the Central Board of Secondary Education is likely to change the question paper pattern of Class X and XII from 2020. The change is likely to be an emphasis more on analytical thinking rather than on rote learning.

According the CBSE official, the questions will be more in nature of problem solving. There will be more short questions ranging from 1 to 5 marks.

The stress would be on testing the critical thinking abilities of students and decipher their actual learning outcomes rather than letting students score high marks by just rote learning.

Experts wonder are the changes in line because of almost cent percent marks being scored even in humanities subjects, apart from science and commerce. Students have even scored 100 in English.

Experts say may be the testing of analytical thinking of students would be able to help students in their higher studies.

CBSE also plans to schedule the board exams in two parts – vocational and non-vocational subjects. The exams for vocational subjects is likely to be held in February and all exams are to be over by March.


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