Dalits face ostracization in Barmer

Jaipur, Aug 23: Seventy Dalits families at Kaludi village in Rajasthan’s Barmer district are being ostracized and terrorized for lodging complaints against some upper caste men.

They are being threatened and warned to take back the cases after a dispute over a social media post.

Villagers say a dispute between Meghwal and Rajpurohit communities broke out after a complaint was filed against two upper caste boys for making some casteist comments against the Dalits on social media.

A case was registered against the youths by a person living in a nearby village. This led to a dispute between the two communities and the Rajpurohits started threatening and harassing us.

He alleged that the some members from the Rajpurohit community were pressuring the Meghwals to withdraw the case.

“We have been ostracised from the village and won’t be allowed to pass through the village roads or use any of other facilities. They abused and threatened us,” says Dinesh Meghwal, one of the Dalits.

He filed a second complaint on the behalf of the Meghwal community against the Rajpurohits under several sections of IPC and SC/ST Act at the Balotra police station on August 16.

However the Rajpurohits have denied the charges of harassment. The police are trying to mediate between the communities and settle the matter amicably.



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