Amid Kashmir crisis, politics on forces

21 opposition parties came out yesterday and criticised the government on their blatant politicisation of the issue, after that Karnataka BJP chief and leader of opposition of Karnataka state legislative assembly, who had lost the elections due to an Post poll alliance of INC and JDS remarked that India’s air strike on a terror camp in Pakistan has created a pre election Modi wave. These strikes will also help BJP in winning 22 out of 28 Karnataka Lok Sabha seats. Quickly reactions came from all part of the country. Congress’s Madhya Pradesh unit said, “They have no shame. The country is tense, our pilot is in Pakistan’s custody, soldiers’ families are worried, and BJP is counting seats…Such lowdown politics.”. Also Karnataka’s former chief Minister Siddharamia said, Shocking & disgusting to understand #BJPsPlot4Vote. It is unfortunate that @BJP4India is calculating electoral gains even before the dust has settled. No patriot shall derive such sadistic gains over soldiers’ death, only a anti-nationalist can. What will RSS say about this?This statement by the BJP Karnataka chief has further added to the fuel of these 21 opposition parties.

While our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and Defence Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman chose to stay quiet on the Kashmir issue. In an unofficial statement Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley stated of the US dealings in Amotabad, except from him Sushma Swaraj, External Affaires minister spoke in China about it. All other Ministers chose to stay quiet. Clearly India was missing it’s leadership’s voice yesterday.


While Pakistani Prime Minister says if there is further escalation from here then it won’t be in control of Indian Prime Minister or his own. He also said that the weapons that both the nation have can we afford miscalculations? He said he is open for talks.

While reports have come in that government has summoned The Pakistani High Commission and handed over the Pulwama Dossier for proof.

Also United Kingdom’ Prime Minister and other world leaders urged for restraint on both sides. US, UK and France have also moved to United Nations Security Council for banning Masood Azhar. The UNSC will have 10 days to consider this proposal by 3 nation states. Pressure is building up on China, world is watching China that what will it do next.



This is a fervent request from The Rajasthan Post group to not to spread any unconfirmed news on any social media platform that would further worsen the situation.


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