About Us

We are a niche website, trying our best to provide whatever is happening in India’s only desert state – Rajasthan.  Covering both the positive and negative aspects of a news, we bring to you the happenings of India’s largest state in a manner which will make you think and ponder. We intend to bring the news, features, and happenings to you in a fair, transparent and balanced manner. We intend to decipher the desert one story at a time. 

Our stories are based on voices waiting to be heard, we want to bring your attention to topics that are often bypassed by the mainstream. Our site also provides detailed information about our state’s leaders and politicians, so that anybody interested can look it up right here. More such information is being collated and we are in the process of creating more such special corners that would highlight the uniqueness of our state.   

Also with our expertise and with the toil of our dedicated team, we would like to bring up stories that you would want to read and know about, especially the positive ones that touch our lives. Not that we want to ignore whatever is hip and happening in our cities. We would love to listen to the voices of all – not just youth and be heard as well. In essence we want to give you something that you can’t get anywhere else.  
We are a small group trying to fill in the vacuum that Rajasthan currently faces. We hope to hear your voices through our website, you can of course mail, tweet or FB us on whatever you want focussed. You can even generate good ideas for us and contribute by becoming a valued Citizen Journalist. This way we can grow and be heard together.